Lucca - Touristic Guide


Lucca  Lucca is a city in Tuscany with 81.862 inhabitans is the capital city of the Province of Lucca.
 Lucca is an of the main Italy of art of town, famous also of outside the national boundaries above all for its unbroken city wall of the XV-XVII century, that describes a perimeter of 4.450 m about around the historical unit of the town and does of it an of 4 town capital of province in Italy to have a building circle unbroken, with Ferrara, Grosseto, Bergamo; it half of the nineteenth century in pleasant pedestrian walk, results at all today like an of the better preservatives in Europe as ever used in the last centuries to defensive purpose.

 Of result of that also the historical center monumental of the town is remained for big nearly unbroken part in its original appearance, being able therefore varied quality of architectures annoverare like the numerous medieval churches of considerable architectural riches (Lucca absolutely was nicknamed it "town from 100 churches"), actual for the presence of numerous churches in its historical unit, consecrated and not, present in past and now Belltowers, and monumental renaissance palaces of valuable stylistic consistency.
 Actual for this its immense historical riches-monumental was advanced of recent the proposal of to include the town of Lucca in the strip of the property of the humanity of the UNESCO.
History  Lucca was founded by the Etruscans and became a Roman colony in 180 BC.
 Although the continuous struggles between Guelfi and Ghibellini and the wars with Pisa and Florence, knew a considerable reputation in Europe thanks to its banker and to the commerce of woven. To short part periods in which cadde under the foreign government of powers or of Mister like Castruccio Castracani and Paolo Guinigi, Lucca rhymed an independent republic until 1799.

 23 June 1805 on request of the senate of Lucca, comes constituted the Principality of Lucca and Piombino, assigned the sister of Napoleon Bonaparte Elisa Bonaparte and to the husband Felice Baciocchi.

 In the congress of Vienna was decided to create the ducat of Lucca. May 10 1815 succeeds, how supporting, Maria Luisa of Bourbon, to which succeeded Carlo Ludovico of Bourbon 1824-1847. In 1847 became it leaves some granducato of Tuscany. In 1860 finally it was annexed to the kingdom of Sardinia.
 Dante Alighieri expenditures a lot of its years in exile to Lucca.
 24 November 2006 accommodated the bilateral summit Italy-France to the presence of the President of the Prodi Council boad and of the President of the French Republic Chirac.